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About Engaged Business Consultants

Engaged Business Consultants is a multidisciplinary financial services, project management and advisory firm. We pride ourselves by offering specialised financial services advice and project management to ensure that a strategic and solution driven result is achieved in a cost effective and time conscious manner.

With direct access to a series of skilled professionals as well as entrenched business partner relationships, we are able to assist our clients in all their endeavours and ensure the right solution is always achieved.

We actively build and maintain relationships with our clients and make business consultancy work.

Project Management Office

Project management is a methodical approach to planning and guiding project processes from start to finish. Project management can be applied to almost any type of project regardless of the complexity. It comes down to the simple fact of ensuring that the correct resources have been allocated to the project to ensure adequate control and execution of the project is achieved – having relevant business knowledge and experience is tantamount to the success of the project.

Enterprise resource planning

Engaged Business Consultants specialises in the management of Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) programmes. Our expertise ensure that ERP programmes are implemented in such a way that innovative and unique building processes are accommodated to ensure a solid foundation is constructed for the future regardless of the industry sector. Our full Enterprise Resource Planning solution also incorporates the necessary skill set to address the complexities around implementing adequate Budget, Planning and Consolidation requirements within large corporations.


Organisations and their executive teams have the relentless burden of generating greater profits while reducing the necessary costs and risks associated with those profits to ensure that shareholder confidence is maintained at all times. Going beyond the application of traditional best practices, our focus is to sharpen and facilitate the decision making through faster and precision-targeted budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidation and reporting solutions – All leading to a profitable and enriching bespoke solution that ensures reduced time-to-market implementations and improved cost-effectiveness.


With over 15 years of International Financial Reporting expertise within complex banking environments, we offer:

  • Technical advice on Annual Financial Statements
  • Technical advice on complex transactions and how to structure the transaction
  • The application of the correct accounting requirements to ensure the business needs are met
  • Review and assessment of Annual Financial Statements to ensure best practice is maintained


At Engaged Business Consultants, we pride ourselves in having the ability to listen to our client’s needs followed by a strategic offering catered to meet their specific needs in a time effective manner. We assist our clients by offering a service that ultimately has the objective of improving business performance. With Engaged Business Consultants experience and the right professionals at your side, we are able to ensure that your business operations are clearly understood and your needs and strategies are adequately met.

General Advisory

Engaged Business Consultants services offering includes the following core areas:

  • Operational Strategy and Core Business advise
  • Technology and Infrastructure enablement
  • Human Capital Management
  • Change Management
  • Risk and Regulatory advice
  • Business Transformation
  • Deal Negotiation and advice
  • Structured Property Finance, Property Development Management and Advisory

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